Individual ride

It is possible to purchase an individual ride with an Instructor for any advancement group (from A to D) in the 4th – 6th session (and optionally in the 1st – 3rd session). In such case, the Instructor concentrates solely and exclusively on the learner and devotes his/her time to the learner according to the following scheme:

  1. 5-10 minutes before the start the Instructor meets the learner and they discuss the scope of the training.
  2. They ride on the track during the booked session according to the agreed schedule.
  3. After leaving the track, they discuss the lesson and they analyse the video record.
  4. After the completed training, the learner may copy the video material in the event office. The video material from the lesson is an additional option. Its lack (for any reason) does not deteriorate the quality of the lesson.

The prices of the lesson depend on the level of advancement of the learner.