Mini Speed Day

Classes for both the youngest and slightly older people who want to train in the field of motorcycle riding, conducted on pitbikes. It is an ideal place to take your first steps in motorcycle riding as well as to check different styles of motorcycle riding or try your hand at motorcycle sport in a low-budget way. Events will take place every Wednesday between 15:00 and 18:00 according to the calendar below on the track Poznań (ul. Wyścigowa 3; 62-083 Przeźmierowo):

Dates in preparation.

Initially, events will be intended only for owners of pitbikes, equipped with motorcycle clothing. We plan to rent both motorbikes as well as overalls or protectors at a later date. Events will be conducted for 2 different levels of motorcyclists: beginners and advanced. Events will be conducted according to a well-defined training plan, but you can join at any time during the season. Events are always conducted under the supervision of a minimum of 1 motorcycle sport instructor licensed by the Polish Motor Association and the control of Poznań Medical Center. Each motorcycle must be equipped with an exhaust system with a "dB-killer" to reduce the volume level that is strictly controlled around the track. Classes will be held regardless of weather conditions, however, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel them, which will be notified via social media and this website.