Speed Day

Speed Day are trainings for every motorcyclist who wants to learn to ride well or to improve their skills in controlled conditions. The safety of the participants is looked over by qualified personnel holding national and world's licenses. The 'Poznań' track, on which we train, fulfils the stringent certification requirements enforced by the European Motorcycling Union (FIM Europe). All of these result in the fact that the participants are guaranteed with the top safety parameters during the trainings.

The requirements to be fulfilled in order to belong to the motorcycle world:

  1. A motorcycle that is in good working condition and safe as well as emits not more than 98 dB/A according to the measurement standards (see the FAQ).
  2. One- or two-part overalls (textile wear with protectors acceptable), certified helmet, proper footwear and gloves.
  3. Possession or passing of an exam for the Moto Card (see the Regulations).

We divide the participants into 4 groups, depending on the degree of their advancement as well as on the achieved times of one lap. The persons who are on the training for the first time are qualified to the beginners group. In the course of the classes it is possible to change the groups, both upwards and downwards. It is each time confirmed by the instructor.

We offer a ride with the instructor in the first 3 sessions. In such case, several participants follow the instructor, riding on the track along the optimum path, observing the manner of the ride of the instructor and correcting their potential mistakes. After completion of the session, they meet the instructor, who indicates the elements of the ride that should be improved during the next session. The afternoon sessions are designated already for single-handed ride - the knowledge and skills acquired before may be trained and mastered then. Rides in the first sessions with the instructor are not obligatory for the participants.