Individual tickets:

Payment made via bank transfer 7 and more days* before the event:
- 1 day: PLN 750.00
- 2 days: PLN 1290.00

Payment made via bank transfer less than 7 days* before the event or by cash in the office:
- 1 day: PLN 799.00
- 2 days: PLN 1390.00

** The time of crediting of the bank account of the beneficiary is considered as the payment date.**


Carnets and group tickets may be purchased by contacting [email protected]
- 6-day carnet – PLN 3,990.00
- group discounts 5-9 persons – -5%
- group discounts 10 and more persons – -10%

PLEASE NOTE: The condition for purchase of a group ticket/carnet is a prior booking made by a group’s representative together with sending of a list of all participants to the address: [email protected] and making of the payment in the amount corresponding to the number of all participants.

Other fees:

  • Measurement device rental* - free of charge
  • loss or destruction of the measurement device – a fee of PLN 2,200.00
  • Fee for the Moto-Card (valid 3 years) – PLN 30.00
  • Fee for the PZM (Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association) certificate exam – PLN 50.00
  • Speed Day TAXI (3 laps) – PLN 150.00

Resignation from participation in the trainings

  • Resignation from participation in the training requires a written form - email [email protected]
  • from 14 to 7 days before the start of the training - results in a participant / competitor being charged 20% of the entry fee,
  • 6 days or less before the start of the training and on the training day - results in the participant / competitor being charged 100% of the entry fee,
  • resignation from participation in the reserved SD without prior notification to the Organizer results in the coverage of 100% of the entry fee. At any time, it is allowed to change the participant of the classes. In such a situation, an e-mail information [email protected] is required, which includes information about the person withdrawing from the classes and the person replacing him / her. Each change must be approved by the Organizer.

The Organiser does not allow for the return of the financial means.